For Skin: Wake up with fresh, supple skin. Sleep with refreshed and clear skin. Scoop a dollop of black soap from the jar, Lather with water between palms and apply generously to face, body or hair. Use one whole minute to make sure the dirt, oil, build up is thoroughly cleansed. Take three deep breaths as the scent unlocks your senses and alerts your mind. Set intentions for the day. Gentle enough to use daily. Wash off with Lukewarm water and follow with up with any of our Face or Body oils. 

For Hair: Wet your hair and Scoop a pea size black soap, lather between palms and start massaging the scalp, hair and tips for a whole minute. Wash off with Lukewarm water. Repeat this until hair is squeaky clean. 

**** Our Black Soap is a natural, sulphate-free shampoo for all hair types.

Soap Care: Avoid water getting into the Jar. This will keep it fresh longer.