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The perfect DUO for a DETOX. Your face, goes through the most on a daily basis. You may be experiencing the results of not cleansing right, or not working out, or not eating right, even not getting enough sleep. This leads to dull skin, congested pores, acne, pimples that never seem to go away but always having a party on your face. You need a fresh start, a DEEP DETOX, you need a DETOX DUO to brighten skin, restore radiance and deep cleanse your pores.


  • 1 Charcoal Soap
  • 1 Chasing Glow Scrub

HOW TO: Cleanse your face with the charcoal soap using lukewarm water. Prepare the Chasing glow mask (you can pour one teaspoon on your palm and mix with water using your fingures), then apply on semi-dry face. Let it dry and wash off with Lukewarm water. Follow on with any of our Face oils.


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