Nuya's Essence was founded in 2013 by Hellen Dausen, a former Model and Miss Universe Tanzania. Hellen began making handmade soaps in her parents backyard at the age of 26. Awakening the long lost passion for natural skincare remedies. Nuya's Essence began with a quest to help women access local, safe and affordable skincare on a daily basis. Striving to source most of our plant raw materials locally, working with small holder farmers who grow most of the raw materials we use in our skincare.

The body is a temple, a place to nurture and pamper with at most care and gentleness, as we now know anything that touches our skin, sinks deep within. Nuya's Essence skincare works hard at restoring serenity, mindfulness, alerting senses and promoting overall wellness. We handcraft our skincare using fewer ingredients, that can truly make a difference on the skin/hair/body and the mind. To ensure efficacy, freshness and effectiveness, Nuya's Essence products are made in small batches, at our workshop in Unguja, Zanzibar Island.

Nuya's Essence is an all natural, plant-based skincare brand from Zanzibar Island, founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Coconut Oil – into luxurious skincare products that moisturise, pamper and rejuvenate the skin.

We are committed to using only the purest natural ingredients and strive to create high quality skincare, that perfume at their best. Nuya's Essence offers a range of luxurious beauty products handmade from coconut oil and other African ingredients. Our products are good for women, men, children, babies and even new borns.

Our core values are deeply rooted in ethical sourcing and nature preservation together with a strong desire for job creation. We source, manufacture, sell and export across Africa and beyond leading to massive job creation across the entire value chain, employing hundreds of locals who farm our ingredients to retailers who sell our products to the end user. Living in a third world country with high employment rates and a rapid growing youth population, we are proud to be creating jobs for this specific population.

Take a sensorial journey with us and experience total relaxation, presence, awareness and centered as you take charge of your wellness journey. Experience deep soul healing and good intentions as your body, mind and soul awakens and surrender to plant power. You are here, You have Arrived, You are Being.

Handmade with Love in Zanzibar Island.