Are your products all Natural ?

Oh Yes, at Nuya's Essence; we strive to source the highest quality natural ingredients that are at its potent state. Un-processed oils, butters, herbs and spices work better. More details on all our ingredients are available on each products.

Are your products Tested on Animals ?

Never. We do not and never will test on animals. All our products are tested by our team, friends and family members.

What is the shelf life of your products ?

Our products have been tested for a shelf life of 6-12 months. To keep the products fresher longer, it is best to keep products in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. 

Are your products Vegan ?

Not all. Our Goat milk soap, Turmeric honey scrub are made using animal by products.

Are your products good for All skin tones ?

Yes and Yes! All skin tones can use our products.

Are your products suitable for all skin types ?

We are for all skin types. Dry, oily, combination, sensitive, matured you name it. You can find suitable products for your skin type.

Are your products made by hand?

Yes, we make all our products in small batches in our workshop in Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

Where do you get your supplies?
We source at least 95% of our raw materials locally. We work with farmers from across the country, Morogoro, Mbeya, Iringa, Dar es salaam, Mafia, Zanzibar. We strive to source the highest quality raw materials. The 5% include very unique herbs, spices, oils that are sourced from around the world. Still never compromising our standards.

Why does my product look or smell different from last time?
We source from different farms for some of our ingredients, and that makes the color and smell vary slightly from batch to batch. Our formulas always remain the same, but if you have powerful senses you may detect small differences from batch to batch. This does not affect the effectiveness of our products.

Are reactions common with your products?
Absolutely Not, reactions are not common with our products. That said, if you do experience a reaction, please email or call us right away and we will be able to advise you. If you are allergic or sensitive to anything please do a patch test before using our products and wait 24 Hours to see if anything happens. 

Is putting oil on my skin going to make me break out?
No. In fact, it is just the opposite. Our top lipid layer needs to be healthy in order to prevent breakouts. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and protects us from our environment. Protecting our lipid layer is essential to having healthy and clear skin.

Do your soaps contain chemicals? Are the soaps good for Face washing ?

Our soaps are made using the ancient method of soap making. Using oils, water and sodium hydroxide. When the soap cures after 4-6 weeks, the water and sodium hydroxide evaporated leaving only pure soap. This soap is mild, with glycerine and perfect for cleansing your face. 


Do you offer FREE shipping ?

Yes, we offer free shipping on purchases over Tsh 200,000/=. This will be calculated automatically during check out.

Do you ship International ?

We do not ship International at the moment. However, if you have a large order and wish to purchase please email us on: Visit our Stockist page to find our International Retailers, they ship worldwide.

How long will my order take to arrive ?

Tuesday & Fridays Delivery in Dar es salaam and Zanzibar. Other regions, shipping takes 3-5 Days with EMS Post with tracking number.


Can I make changes to or cancel by order ?

We try and get your order out as soon as we can. This means there is only a small window of time where we can make any changes to your order before it is set aside for shipping.

Please send us an email at as soon as possible with your full name and order number. We’ll let you know what we can do!  

Do you take returns?
We do not take returns. We are confident in the efficacy of our products, and we recommend you reach out to us before you order regarding any skin or ingredient concerns that you have to ensure you get the right product for your unique skin. We are always here to help you with product selection before purchase. Send us an email or you can BOOK a Virtual skin consultation for a 15 Minute skin chat.

I received the wrong product, what do I do ?

We truly apologize for this mistake. Please reach out to us via email: , we will be more than happy to send you the product you ordered.


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