At Nuya's Essence, we are committed to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever we experience spiritual or inspirational nourishment. Everyone deserves to lead a good life, having the necessities to live by and a resourceful environment to florish.

Through our work, we will be able to support and fund various causes: either , individuals, NGO's, Co-operatives, Organizations or small groups: so as to enable them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams at a much faster rate and more effectively.

Our main areas of focus are women's health, women led start-ups, Education, Environment, Emergency response programs across Tanzania and around the world.

In August 2020, we formed a partnership with Tanzania Breast Cancer Foundation for the Breast cancer awareness campaign in October 2020 and Cervical cancer awareness campaign in January 2021. We will be able to custom make handmade soaps for the campaigns and the proceeds will be given back to TBCF to fund their daily activities.



             HELP US PLANT 1000 TREES BY 11TH JULY 2022 

 We have recently Partnered with The Amor Day Foundation via to plant 1000 trees within one year. Every purchase made via our website will be a contribution to help plant more trees across the world.

Trees play a major role in removing carbon dioxide from the air. By removing carbon dioxide from the air, trees are one of our strongest allies in the fight against climate change. If we plant a whole lot more of them in just the right places, they could reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to levels not seen in nearly 100 years.

We know by planting 1000 trees will not solve the climate change, but trees are an important part of the solution #TeamNUYA and #TeamTREES is about sending a signal to our leaders that we demand better for both people and the planet.

You can also Donate Independently without buying any products from us. Please use this link to donate and join #TeamNUYA. DONATE TREES TODAY !  $1 (Tsh 2500 ) plants one Tree. 

                                   JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY!!