How to Reduce the appearance of Stretch-marks


A coffee scrub is basically what you think it is: a face or body scrub formulated with coffee. To get more specific, coffee scrubs are a type of mechanical exfoliation—that means they physically remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface through the act of sloughing your skin. With a coffee scrub, finely-ground coffee particles are used to do the exfoliating.


Stretch-march are by definition of their appearance, tiny stripes you develop on your body after the skin has been drastically stretched multiple times. This can happen when you gain body fat, or lose body fat, during and after pregnancy and so forth. Though, this should never make you feel less than but rather a natural way your body responds to changes and by all means you should embrace it.


There is nothing you can use topically that can make stretch-marks disappear for good. Though , you can have a much more better results with a Laser treatment and the like; but if you are a die hard naturalists and embrace the natural way things happen and develop, you might want to try using a coffee scrub to help reduce the appearance of stretch-marks.

Skin with stretch marks needs to be highly hydrated and moisturized all the time. Therefore work hard at staying well hydrated and moisturized. Using simply crafted oils like our Body oils


Coffee is said to exhibit exfoliating property which clears the accumulated dead skin cells, dirt, impurities and loose skin. And its caffeine content can help improve blood circulation and collagen production to lighten and tighten the skin and thus to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. Our Coffee and coconut scrub will be ideal for this weekly stretch marks treatment, if you are into reducing the appearance of them.


STEP 1: When it comes to treating your stretch marks, consistency is key and technique really matters. Start by taking a shower/bath with warm water, then on cleanse skin, scoop out the coffee and coconut scrub and start scrubbing in small circular motions from your feet towards your heart. Do this for 2-6 minutes. Scrub deeply and longer on the affected areas. Let the scrub sit for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Do this step one 2-3 times a week.

STEP 2: After scrubbing your skin, Take our Raw Shear butter, warm between your palms and massage on the affected ares. Massage deeper and longer. Do this Step two every morning and evening, or whenever you take a bath/shower.

Keep tracking your progress every four weeks. Give yourself some time to heal and let nature take its time to rejuvenate your body. Eat Your greens, Take in lots of water and fruits and make sure you get it daily workout. These simple and holistic practices will enhance your healing process.


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