Moisture, Moisture - BE ALL ABOUT IT


A Well moisturized skin is everyone's dream, but few get to achieve it. In this space today, I am going to share a few steps on how to achieve the most hydrated, moisturized, dewy skin you have ever had, stay with me!!

DEWY SKIN by definition: Skin that's filled with moisture, glow, radiance for the longest time. 


Cleanse: Shower/take a bath with any of our all natural handmade soaps Or any cleanser your prefer, no judgment at all. Spend sometime to lather and feel the scents as your body gets clean.

Exfoliate: Grab a handful of Body Scrub and start scrubbing your skin in small, gentle circular motions from the feet towards your heart. Let the scrub sit like 1-2 minutes for nutrients to sink in. Wash off.

Moisturise: Do not towel dry your body. Let the remaining water on the body sit still. Apply our The Glow Lotion from the feet towards your heart in thoughtful circular motions. Breath in the tropical scents. Relax. Then follow on with Body Oil to seal in moisture.

Sunscreen: Never leave your home without applying a good-ol sunscreen. 

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