Get to Know Nuya's African Black Soap

African black soap is an ancient beauty secret from West Africa, passed down for generations. Black soap is loved and appreciated for its vast benefits and a multi-use capability. Black soap has tremendous benefits for skin and hair, used by all skin and ages. Let us break it down for you as to why African black soap is a force to reckon with. Let’s start with how it is made;

Production Process

The process of making African black soap starts with drying plantain peels, cocoa pods and palm leaves. These are then roasted to dried plants to produce ash and then mixing this ash with pure water. The liquid that comes is generated from the mix is then strained.On the side: Palm oil, raw Shea butter and coconut oil are warmed up and the mixed with the ash + water mix. All this is done by hand for over 24 hours. When the mixture hardens, it's taken out to cure.

Our Unique African Black Soap

Our African black soap is like no ordinary black soap. We mix the black soap with coconut oil, Zanzibar honey, spices and a unique essential oil blend. This helps the skin not to dry out as most black soaps in the market tend to do.

Benefits of African Black Soap

  • Improves hair growth: Vitamins A and E found in black soap strengthen the hair hence reduce breakage and helps retain length.
  • Protects the skin: The cocoa pods used to make ash for black soap contains riboflavin, vitamin C, thiamine, and folic acid, these are great antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage that affects the skin. 
  • Balance Oily skin: Black soap helps balance sebum production for oily skin types.
  • Fights acne, even skin tone, gets rid of rashes and blemishes: Black soap is know for clearing blemished skin. The plantain ash has anti-bacterial properties, that helps to prevent bacteria causing acne and unclog your pores.

 Our African Black Soap can be used on face, body and Hair. For All skin tones and All skin Types. Shop the African Black Soap


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