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Many a times we struggle with our skin in many ways, number one being; getting the right products to use that will yield the best results. We get stuck with New products popping up every second, New DIY's tutorials, Some herb that will transform your skin overnight and just about anything that can get our attention, we will put it on our skin. But: Little do we know what our skin needs, what our skin truly needs to stay at its optimum radiance. To know this, we need to figure out, what our skin is- what type is it ? what are it's concerns ? - so we can indulge in skincare rituals and using products that actually do the work.


This is one good skin to have, as it is well-balanced in-terms of oil and moisture. In few cases the T-Zone may appear oilier than normal but your skin produces only the right amount of oil it needs, so don't stress. Your skin is not too dry or too oily either. Some products to use for this type of skin, normal skin.


This skin can be said to be very problematic if you do not know how to treat it right. It is prone to blemishes, acne, rashes all the time. It is one to watch very closely as a slight mistake can lead to a pimple, acne and the like. This skin looks thick and shiny or greasy with visibly large pores. Parts of your face maybe oilier than others, usually the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). The best products to use on oily skin are products that help to balance this oiliness. Our Charcoal soap, African black soap great for cleansing. Baobab oil as your go to moisturizer. Make sure you do weekly face masks with our Chasing Glow Mask and in-corporate our Hibiscus mint scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.


Skin that is cracked, itchy and scaly. The skin may naturally be dry, but may also be affected by skin conditions, allergies, low humidity in the air and cold temperatures. These are the products to help you manage Dry Skin.


This is a unique skin that is both oil and dry at the same time. You are oily in the forehead, chin and nose (T-ZONE) but very dry on the cheeks and other parts of the face. Combination skin is normally caused by the over production of oil in some areas, while dry parts have lesser oil glands and lesser moisture. You really have to play the balancing game with this skin type. Products to help you with this are here


Skin that is quick to have irritation. allergic reaction or redness which may be caused by products, foods, environmental pollution and so forth. Sensitive skin has a tendency to blush or flush easily as the nerve endings may not have much protective layer to support it. Its best to try out product one by one, and use very few products in your skincare rotation. avoid products with scents or artificial colors  and the like. Shop our Sensitive skin products here.


This is more like a skin condition than a skin type. One can have dry/oily/sensitive skin and also be dehydrated. This means the skin upper most layer (stratum corneum) lacks moisture hence it feels Chappy, rough and visibly dry. You can be able to treat this by consuming lots of water, green vegetables, fruits and when it comes to skincare products focus on moisture retaining and moisture locking products. Also how you apply these products really matter, to enable moisture retaining. Start with Oil cleansing and then use our Goat milk soap as a water based cleanser and on damp skin, apply out coconut mango body oil for body or Moringa face oil. For weekly treatments: reach out to our Chasing glow mask and Lavender Tea Tree scrub.


This is also more like a condition than a skin type. This skin does not have radiance, glow or that dewy look everyone loves to talk about. It can be caused by the products you are using or other lifestyle changes or stress and the like. Find out ways to manage and keep your lifestyle healthy, use products that can help brighten your skin naturally. Reach out for our Turmeric Trio which helps to brighten and bring back the glow. Our Chasing Glow Mask really is what it is, to help you chase that glow again.

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