Know How To Double Cleanse and Why

Double cleansing simply means cleansing your face twice. The first cleanse is with an oil base cleanser and the second cleanse is with a water based cleanser. Our all natural 100% cold pressed coconut oil will cater for the oil base cleanser and our Bar soaps will cater for the water base cleanser.
Your face is the most exposed part of your body and with that being said it gathers the most dirt, oil, debris, sweat, sunscreen residue, make-up. All these can not be removed by simply washing your face just once. Double cleansing also helps to regulate oil production, prevent pores from clogging and helps clear your skin.
This is How to Double Cleanse like a PRO
  • Step 1- On dry face and dry hands, pour a dollop of our 100% Pure Coconut oil, warm between your palms and start massaging your face and neck using small circular motions for about 30 seconds.

    Step 2- Lightly wet fingertips to emulsify the oil then continue massaging for another 30 seconds. Rinse off using warm water or a warm cleansing cloth.

    Step 3-  Follow on with a second cleanse using our facial bar soaps to remove water-based impurities like dried sweat and dirt, and to add essential minerals and nutrients to your skin. Lather a soap between your palms and starts massaging the face for about 30 seconds. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

    Step 4- Follow on with a gentle moisturiser or our face oils for perfectly moisturised skin during day or night.

While your skin needs to be cleansed twice a day - morning and evening - a double cleanse isn't always necessary - especially when you wake up in the morning. 
Double cleansing is especially important if you're a city dweller being exposed to high pollution levels daily. 'Whilst there are no rigorous scientific trials that show the anti-ageing benefits of double cleansing, there is plenty of evidence that suggests pollution and environmental toxins can accelerate the ageing process.
This evening cleanse will allow serums, moisturisers and night-time leave-on products to penetrate deeper into the skin and work their magic much more efficiently and help you with slowing down the aging process. Deep cleansing helps increase collagen production which is responsible for skin elasticity and a youthful appearance.
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